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June 2009 Blog Posts (4)

Ask Funky Unc- Guilty In Chi Town

Dear Funky Uncle Lester... I recently had an affair with my best friend's husband and now the guilt is killing me...Should I tell my girlfriend or continue to hold my peace and hope that the guilt will one day go away?

Best Friend,

Chicago IL

Dear Low Down Bitch.... I mean Best Friend, if you tell her, guilt won't be the only thing killing your trifling ass. With best friends like you, a person doesn't need enemas. YOU should go away today...far far away from that… Continue

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Ask Funky Unc

Dear Funky Unc,

My Aunt Karen has just created a new business called Karen's Country Cakes. She makes homemade cakes and cookies from scratch with natural ingredients. The best part is she delivers anywhere. Included in this package is a few samples of Aunt Karens Butter Pecan Belgian chocolate cookies, a pound cake and a pic of Aunt Karen. I know you are busy but when you get a chance check out her blog

There is a video of her… Continue

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Ask Funky Unc - Is he gay?

Funky Uncle Lester, My boyfriend and I have been dating for three years now and have had a very satisfying sex life. Recently he has been wanting to experiment with anal sex...He keeps pressuring me to try it with him, but it's not something which I feel like I want to do... I'm wondering if maybe he's gay? What do you think?

Leshan P.

Detroit MI

First of all, no means no. Tell him it ain't yo thang and let's move on. The next time he tries to Pepe Le Phew you into… Continue

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Ask Funky Unc

Ladies and gentlemen, since my comeback out of premature retirement as a R&B icon, I have received literarally thousands of letters requesting my opinion on everything from lost love to how to get a boot off of a Cadillac (very gently and pure virgin Tibeten olive oil is required). So I decided to publish some of the more interesting and amusing letters. If you have any inquiries that you would like me to respond to, please send them… Continue

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