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July 2009 Blog Posts (3)

Ask Funky Unc - The race card

Dear Funky Unc, what do you think about the incident with Professor Luis Gates and the Cambridge police department? I am a New Orleans transplant who lives in Boston and the last two weeks have been dominated by incendiary talk of the incident in the local and national media here. Also what do you think of President Obama's comment calling the Cambridge police department stupid? What happened to Can't We All Get Along?

Kevin in Boston.

Dear Kevin, I don't think much of it.… Continue

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Poster created for Funky Unc

Hope ya'll like it!

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Ask Funky Unc - Smokeless in Seattle

Hey Unc,

My man of 5 years is an avid "herbal essences" partaker. I have known this about him since we met. He is a caring and responsible father and a wonderful man to me. Recently, he has been trying to quit smoking. He wants to find a better job and he knows he may have to take a drug test. I also think he wants to quit. Maybe he's tired of it. But anyway, everytime he goes 1 day without "chiefing", he turns into a wicked, mean person to me and the children. He snaps at us and just acts… Continue

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