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Funky Uncle Lester, My boyfriend and I have been dating for three years now and have had a very satisfying sex life. Recently he has been wanting to experiment with anal sex...He keeps pressuring me to try it with him, but it's not something which I feel like I want to do... I'm wondering if maybe he's gay? What do you think?

Leshan P.
Detroit MI

First of all, no means no. Tell him it ain't yo thang and let's move on. The next time he tries to Pepe Le Phew you into tryin it, pull a .45 from under your pillow a shove it in his face and say "Say mothafucker what did I tell you the last seven times you asked me that?" Not only will he not ask you again any time soon, but you won't have to put the toilet seat down for a few months, you probably won't have to wash dishes, cook, wash cloths,.... his ass will be volunteering to get up at 3 or 4 in the morning to feed the get the picture.

Is he gay? Shit I don't know. Ask him. He might just be a nasty freak. Don't be quick to judge a person because of their particular likes or dislikes. I toss a mean salad, but I wouldn't consider myself a chef. I don't mean to make light of the situation given that the down low phenomenon has wrecked homes and lives particularly in the black female community. What I would do is rent a movie starring Shemar Moore, Taye Diggs or Brad Pitt and watch his ass closely during the movie for any tendencies.

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