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Dear Funky Uncle Lester,

I don't know how much salt you put into your dreams. I never really believed that your dreams were somehow related to your current reality. Mine have always been like snapshots of unrelated themes, little movies that never made much sense or like fleeting images when I tried to recall them the next morning. But in the last couple of weeks my dreams have become so interesting and puzzling, thought provoking and life changing.

It began the night after my mom and I had a huge argument. I dreamt about fields of dead grass, dead vegatation that stretched miles and miles. I clearly remember looking at it and having an overwhelming feeling of sadness. It was just me sitting looking at brown death all around me. Then I woke up. I remembered the entire dream and felt feelings of loneliness. This feeling was so real and so strong it was disturbing.

I kept having the same dream night after night, over and over again. No matter how I wished and prayed I wouldn't, the same fucking dream for a week. The dream wasn't as bad as the feelings the next day.

At work, I was so unfocused, edgy, short........So last Friday night I prayed...look I don't know what's going on but please just let me get one good night of sleep..not that dam dream again. Am I dying? Is that what it means? What????????????????????

Sure enough the dream began the same. Me sitting there looking and surrounded by brown death. Just like New Orleans looked right after Katrina. This time as I sat there, I was aware of the reoccurrence. I felt frustrated and then it hit me. I have to do something. So in my dream I was franticly thinking of ways to change what was happening. Especially trying to avoid those feelings when I awoke. I begin to think things into existence. First, a hoe, some seeds then more gardening tools. I began to work although I didn't know shit about gardening. I knocked down and pulled up all of the dead. I planted the seeds....for miles and miles. The dead was finally gone. Saturday morning the feelings of death and loneliness was replaced with peace.

So I thought when I awoke...ok that was it. Lesson learned! No dreams from Sun-Thurs. Last night, I dreamt.

This time I was flying....LOL Yeah fucking flying..... I was flying over the fields I plowed. It was so vivid. Ok this is the strange part...well ok it's all strange.....but the crops weren't flowers or vegetations. They were faces. The field was sectioned off and grouped. There were in one group faces of all the people that I loved- various family members and friends. There were another group of faces that I, well do not love so much....There were a group of clients... another group of facebook friends..the ones I do not really know but talk to all of the time....a group of people who hurt me, and a group of the people I hurt.....some people were in more that one group..... groups of classmates and childhood friends....Inspirational people group....Oprah, the Obamas. Can you imagine what I was feeling? What is this?!?!?!? What does this mean?????

I turned and I saw two other groups, I couldn't make out the faces...however I got one sense of good and one sense of evil.... just a flash of pure evil.......................JESUS!!!!

I awoke sweating......panting...What the fuck is going on with me?!?!?!? Can you help?

All Dreamed Out

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Comment by Lenelita Soriano on January 13, 2010 at 5:47pm
i saw your 4th wife in your videos, oh no.. shes not a beautiful girl .. im sorry my friend, but anyway, your my idol, love yah my
Comment by Funky Uncle Lester on September 29, 2009 at 3:35am
Mess around with me in your dreams and wake up sticky
Funky Unc
Comment by Funky Uncle Lester on September 29, 2009 at 3:35am
Dear Piinky, I once had a similar dream, but I think it was because of that ole' dirt weed I smoked that Willie Ray gave me.
Funky Unc

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