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Thanks Funky Uncle inviting my wall into Sugar Shack!!!

Hey all of you Funky Uncle Lester family, friends and fans, I know no one breaks it off like Funky Unc. I'm gonna try to keep it live, real, and across all platforms.

If you like what I'm saying, Holla! If you don't like what I'm saying Holla! ... If you holler, you can whisper it in my ear. I'm gonna be bringing you what's on my mind from day to day, in politics, sports, entertainment, books, movies, religion, politics, sex and rock and roll.

Sometime I just have sh*t I want to get off my chest... such as this...
Rather we R talking about bail outs, oil spills, don't ask don't tell, illegal immigrants, fences & borders, religion, abortion, gay marriage, terrorist attacks, T-fuckin baggers, or WTF EVER, what I want to know is.. wheres da fucking LOVE??? We can't have any of the above, or solve any of the above problems until we learn to love people and each other, more than we love to hate all of that other bullshit..

People say you should never discuss Politics and Religion... Yeah.., that's working out well for us, isn't it? While we are not discussing it, Politics and Religion have kicked off a full fledge orgy, of epic porportions... which we are now all attending.... without a condom....Holla!!!

blake off da wall...

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