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Uncle Lester's Upcoming Seminars and the Art of Tossin!!! Registration Limited!!! Get Yo Spot Now!!

Let me splain sumthin here!
Anybody can attempt to toss a salad,but, It take a true professional to Toss One properly.
So,just the other day,I was talkin to Funky Uncle about some of my friends who kept talking about how they wuz just tossin and tossin and flippin and dippin in all these different sald tossin techniques and the more I listened to these amateurs,I realized they was doin it all wrong!!!!
You see,You gottta really love the greens and make sure they are not exposed to extreme conditions or else you gonna ruin a great batch of SALAD BabY!!!
Anyways,after much contemplation and drawing on years of experience and Expertise,Uncle Lester has Decided to offer a one time exclusive series of seminars and professional Sald Tossin Lessons to properly instruct those who may be lacking in the fields of Greens Expertise!!!

So,If you have friends like minez who always bragging about what they baggin,but they ain't treatin the greens properly,SIGN THEM UP FOR UNCLE's Tossin Seminars.
They Sure to Thank you fo it!!!

I know da Greens Will!!

Tell em Durty Sent ya!!!

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Comment by Funky Uncle Lester on May 4, 2009 at 12:49am
Thanks for the plug Dawg

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